The right paint colors for office walls goes a long way in making the employees feel comfortable and nice about their working environment. In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how you can use warm paint colors in your office.

Warm Paint Colors

Warm Paint Colors

Color and lighting can have a direct affect on how you feel, your mental state, and your productivity. A color you might use in your kitchen, perhaps a bright yellow, might not be the best color for your office because it could be too visually stimulating, making it difficult to focus and concentrate.

Paint Colors for Formal Spaces

Choosing warm colors for painting the interiors of the office is a very suitable option, particularly if your office is the type in which the environment is very business like and stresses on discipline and decorum a great deal. A formal color tone is what you need if your organization handles formal issues like finance, banking, insurance. For such relatively formal offices, given below are three color options.


Red is another warm color that exudes warmth into a room. You can have all, alternate or a single wall painted in red, and see the difference it makes to your office. The overall effect of an overly red room can turn out to be quite gaudy, if not balanced out with light colored accessories. For a red office, white, gray or even black are good options for a mix of warm and cool colors.

Blue and Gray

Blue, gray and white go well together which can be seen in this photo. Although I don’t think it’s completely done in the photo above, it gives a good indication of how blue can add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone color scheme.

Rust and White

Warm Paint Colors for Office

Warm Paint Colors for Office

Rust is a great warm color that can brighten up an office space, even if a single wall is painted utilizing it. You can have one wall in every room painted in a bright rust color, and also the others painted in white. Reserve the rust wall for just about any notices, announcements, posters, photographs, etc. that you would like to put up in the office. It’ll draw the focus towards the wall and also the upbeat color will lift the spirits from the employees.


The color yellow promotes pleasant and cheerful feelings. Yellow can be used in home offices or in a workplace that is informal. Avoid using yellow inside a formal office as many people perceive yellow as childish. My Space Designers notes that yellow is assigned to intellect and energy.

Deep Orange

Warmth is the feeling that we want to imbibe in our work space. And there’s no better paint color option than a deep or burnt orange to induce the required warmth into the office. One thing you need to keep in mind if you’re planning to paint an office a deep burnt orange is to ensure that the room gets a lot of natural light.