Window grills are not only necessary for the security of your house but they also make your home from boring to fabulous.

Unique window grill designs ideas for home decor

Unique window grill designs ideas

Window grills are typically made from wrought steel or some other heavy metal, and though their primary intent is to protect the glass of the window, they can still be
an important decorative element in your home. Choose the window grills that best suit your style and the look of your home. Choose a window grill design, material and
color to provide the security, privacy and style you desire for your home. Soften the appearance of a metal window grill by decorating around it both interior and

Choice of window grill designs

  • It is important to choose the right kind of design in the right material for your home.
  • If you have Art Deco designer furniture, choose window grill designs in geometric patterns such as circles, squares or even regular bars.
  • If you have classical furniture, choose window grill designs that are more lavish and rich.
  • If you have French windows, consider window grill designs which give you an effect called True Divided Light. Here, the window grill designs form squares in which individual pieces of glass are placed. This lets in enough light and a view without compromising on security. Moreover, if one of the glass pieces breaks, you only need to replace that piece without replacing the entire pane.
  • Another type of window grill design is the between the glass. Here, the grill is placed between two sheets of glass. This aids in easy cleaning of the glass and the grill does not collect dust either. At the same time, the grill provides the necessary security.

Types of window grill designs

Security concerns, especially in ground floor houses, have led to the installation of window grills in many Indian homes. Luckily, window grills do not always have to be the boring horizontal or vertical rods. Today, there are a many grill suppliers who offer a number of window grill designs that can help provide security to your interiors without compromising on the aesthetics.  With some of these ideas on window grill design, you can create wonderful, yet secure designs for your home. Given below are some options for window grill designs you can opt for in your living rooms.

Diamonds window grill

A diamond-patterned window grill uses strong diagonals to create diamond shapes. The diamond patterned window grill has the benefit of being very sturdy and containing more metal than a simple horizontal or vertical pattern would. A diamond window grill also gives the window a look that is less harsh than a simple horizontal or vertical pattern.

Wooden window grill

A wooden grill offers less in the way of protection than metal grill, but still provides your home with elegant visual variety. Wood is warmer than iron, and you can use a framed wooden window grill to break up the look of a large, plain window. A wooden lattice window grill visually breaks a large pane of glass into a dozen smaller frames, thus changing the appearance of your home both inside and out.