Top interior design trends in 2015 will reinvent classy luxury, serenity, creative recycling and versatility in furniture design and interior decorating.

Get set for 2015 in style with the latest interior trend predications to revamp and restyle your home from the attic to basement. Discover the must have design themes, colour choices, textures and patterns, right through to bathroom fixtures, whatever your personal style find the interior trend to suit your space in our essential infographic below. Burgundies, bottle greens, tan and leather-inspired tones, navy blues, teal, peacock greens and salmon pinks are among Bloom’s top interior colour picks for 2015.

Interior Color Trends 2015

Interior Color Trends

Popular Interior planning Trends:

The fusion of styles, materials and decoration patterns

Mixing new and old interior design ideas and incorporating a fusion of styles into style and design will be one of the biggest trends in 2015. This concept creates a stylish, comfortable and fascinating living space that connects the vintage using the contemporary. Softly curved lines, organic shapes and natural interior design color schemes along with stunning accents can dramatically alter the look and feel of the interior design and décor.

Decorating with modern materials

Salvaged wood, stone and metal are popular and modern interior design materials, especially rustic, natural, and exotic woods. When coupled with warm metals, like gold or bronze, and polished granite or marble, these rustic and stylish materials, can combine to produce a modern living space. Metals mostly are combined with other materials in frames and bases of contemporary chairs, tables, sofas, beds and lights.

Natural materials, such as stone, wood, metal and glass, will dominate modern interior planning trends in 2015, and organic shapes and textures represent an eco-friendly, contemporary feeling in design and décor. A mixture of wood, metal, glass and leather will certainly be seen throughout 2015.

Modern interior design colors

Pleasant natural room colors and soft pastels are perfectly trigger with shades of gray color, soft black and off-white tones. By reinventing classic decorating ideas and bringing contrasts into areas, you create a sense of luxury and comfort.



Cold shades of brown colors, in conjunction with granite gray color tones and hints of greens create beautiful, natural decorating palettes for modern interior design. Mustard yellow and mauve, all light and deep purple colors, rich blue and pink color shades are modern color design trends for 2015.


This is all about creating mood. Huge expanses of plain white, lifeless walls is going to be replaced with interest, mood and character. Think daring and courageous, creating a statement with every element of the design. Intriguing and metallic accessories will be the perfect accompaniment; supplementing, complimenting and contributing to the glam.

Natural themes and organic design

Green spaces with large windows and glass wall design ideas inspires interior trends in 2015. Green walls, indoor water elements, and nature-inspired decoration patterns assistance to establish an organic, natural feel. Furniture, fabric prints, wallpaper and vibrant interior paint colors all can bring to mind nature at its best.

Modern furnishings that can display flowers and plants are definitely likely to be dominant in 2015. Bed headboard designs, contemporary chairs and modern tables with integrated plant holders, trellis designs utilized as room dividers, all feel natural and excellent for decorating eco-homes and eco-friendly working spaces. Decorating with flowers and house plants may also be prevalent in interior design in 2015.