The stylish table lamp for home décor can not only decorate the dull spaces of your house but can also illuminate them with the lighting so that now they are full with the spirit of life.


Decorate your interior room with modern table lamps? If you do, then you have come to the right place at the right time. Well, mostly, homeowners only think about ceiling light fixtures when planning lighting for dining or living room and leave the use of table lamp only for bedside lighting. However, by doing in the right way, table light fixture can add more visual appeal while providing adequate illumination depending on which function the homeowner desires.

Stylish Table Lamp

Stylish Table Lamp

They are available in a wide assortment of sizes and styles. Their types include wrought-iron, mica lamps, Tiffany-style lamps, and wood lamps add splashes of color and texture to any room in which the stylish table lamp rests.  Learn more about these popular styles of table lamps and how they can positively add to the elegance of your home.

Marcus table lamp

Marcus table lamp was inspired by German industrial designer Dieter Rams’ design philosophy and timeless aesthetic. Handmade in brass with an acrylic layer inside, there is also a possibility to have it with a marble base.

Mica Lamps

Mica lamps have become one of the bestselling stylish table lamps of all the times. Mica is a group of minerals that vary in color and used in its transparent form in table lamps. When a light bulb shines through the mica lamp, a unique, mystical shine is emancipated out of it. Depending on the mineral deposit level, mica stylish table lamps can be seen in many colors, such as yellow, green, brown, and black.

Tiffany Lamps

The shade of a Tiffany stylish table lamp is what everyone is raving about. They exhibit an array of beautiful colors when turned on. Various bubbles, seeds, and lines can be seen through the colored glass, giving the elegance of real stained-glass. Tiffany stylish table lamps have unique shades with panels of glass that give it its well-recognized look.

Billy table lamp

If you like retro and industrial designs, you’d love the Billy table lamp which combines both styles! Its structure is made of brass, while the lampshade is made of aluminium, giving it a refined look.



Modern table lamps

Recent trends in lighting have been dramatic, large, and rich in color. There has been much in the way of daring patterns, statement-making fabrics, and chic hues of gold and silver. Stylish Table lamps are one of the most popular styles of lighting, as they are versatile and match nearly any décor. If you’re shopping around for decorative table lamps for your home or office, consider these popular, modern trends.

Bold Bases

Stylish Table lamps with big and bold base at the bottom are the favorite choice these days and so are commonly seen everywhere. These table lamps works like a decoration piece in the room. The table lamp design includes antique, carved or with texture finish. The base of the stylish table lamp is made with a varied range and collection materials. Wooden base is popular choice as it appears natural.