Romantic bedroom is only a personal and private room where every one likes usually to relax or sleep at night.

While decorating a room for a couple the basic factor to keep in mind is that there should be a perfect combination of functionality, décor and romance. Every single item should be affectionate and more appealing to enhance your emotions while sitting together. The room will help you to strengthen your relationship. You must design it creatively to gain the romantic touch. Some theme like classical, valiant, and creamy can be designed for the room.

Romantic Bedroom Design for New Married Couples

Romantic Bedroom Design for New Married Couples

Colorful flowers bouquets are used for adornment of the roof and wall for married couple bedroom. This bed room is fully embellished with fresh flowers, curtains, bed sheets and cushions. Side table lamps are also allured with flower buckets. Most simple and stylish bedroom blown up with rose petals on white covered bed and pillows.

Participation of leather bed

Leather beds are supposed to be the status symbol commodity because of their luxurious outlook and superb quality. The cozy texture of the upholstered leather bed with an attached classy headboard will enhance the beauty of your room in such an outstanding way that you will not ever wish to stay apart from your partner.

Bright and Warm Colors

Paint the walls with bright and warm colors such as cream, bright red or brown; bright and warm colors immediately transform the looks of the room, without any major effort on your part. Just make sure you let your better-half have a say in the color selection; women often prove good with colors.


Lightings play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the room. Try to fix dim lights within your space to bedroom as it will add up a comforting feeling. With dim yellow lights you can make your room a cozy cocoon to enjoy a perfect sleep at night.

Bring That Unique Touch

Adding a bedside lamp, a small drawer or a hanging lamp will help you give that unique touch to your bedroom decor. Personalize the space with your favourite stuffs, but do not forget the rule of, ‘no cluttering, please.’


To let your partner feel a sense of security and comfort keep the openings on your covered with the help of curtains. The curtains should be heavy and not see through so that you could sleep comfortably at night. The color you choose for the curtains should be in combination with the entire bedroom theme.