Oriental design styles include d├ęcor from East and Southeast Asia.

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Oriental Interior Design Ideas

Oriental Interior Design Ideas


Lighting is very important in Oriental design. Overhead light isn’t a large part of Oriental design though pendant lights with paper shades are a good accent. Side lamps and focused lighting for example track lighting also give the room a pleasing glow. Paper lamp shades or silk fabric shades would be the best style of shade to use in Oriental decorating.


Oriental colors cover a variety. Reds, yellows and blacks personify china colors. Browns, tans and greens are noticed in Japanese decorating. Brighter blues, oranges, reds and yellows are noticed in Indian decorating, that was included as part of the Orient previously. Choose a color scheme after which stick with it. Mixing all of the colours together will not produce an appealing effect.


Flooring in Oriental interior design is straightforward and understated. Carpet isn’t used, while wood and tiles are utilized extensively. Often the floor is partially engrossed in a large Oriental rug. Floor colors could be light or dark, but a dark wood is simple to blend with the rest of Oriental style furnishings.

Oriental Interior Design

Oriental Interior Design


Most Oriental furniture is dark. Some furniture pieces have intricate carvings, while some are extremely simple. Decide if you would like fancy, shiny furniture or simple, understated furniture. The 2 styles of furniture both match the Oriental design style, although not every style of furniture looks good in each and every environment.


Oriental fabrics are rich and silky. Most of the colour in the room should come from fabrics for example curtains, blankets and furniture upholstery. Choose bold fabrics in bright Oriental colors with your designs as Asian characters, traditional interlocking lattice designs as well as dragons.