Neutral colors may in fact offer a number of ways to add character to the rooms.

The living room, an opulent appeal. Beige is often used in bits and pieces for home decoration, but more often than not a room decorated in neutral colours can be as prominent and complementing as any other interior décor. We bring to you myriads of ideas, which will lend your living room an exquisite appeal without causing any hassles.

Neutral Living Room Decorating Ideas

Neutral Living Room Decorating Ideas

Neutral colors may actually offer a number of ways to add character to the rooms. If you search the net for neutral decor ideas for rooms, you’d find a lot of interesting décor ideas. Multiple amounts of ways are possible to mix neutral shades with each other or add a bit of spice having a complimentary color to a complete neutral room. There are many colors that look great with each other.

Romantic decoration

Colorful black possess the furniture color of the living room. The bed is placed in the middle of room to make it as en eye center. The decorating ideas punching within the black art wallpaper. The wallpaper in headboard side captures attention. It appears very elegant. One toned scheme or color is used in closet and the storage. Sheen black covers everything. Plain floor makes the room look wider. It’s covered by soft rug that brings warmth in elegant black bedroom. Cristal table lamp shine beautifully in black surrounding. White wall is required for mini book shelf. Neutral color decorates this modern living room. It shines calmness and appears chick. Grey combined with white looks successfully bring calming comfortable bedroom.

Light Neutral

Light neutral colors perform best for small rooms, since lighter colors create a space feel larger. Light neutrals include white, cream, yellow, pale gray and sandy brown. Pick one neutral shade for the walls and the other for the molding and architectural accents. Choose furniture that suits or complements your walls or molding. With neutral walls, a fragile patterned sofa or chair will prove to add interest without being overwhelming.

Dark Neutral

For bigger spaces or homes with small children, dark neutral colors acquire a soft, elegant look without showing stains. Dark neutrals include slate gray, subdued greens, dark blues, warm browns and muted reds. Mix some lighter neutrals in if you think the room is too heavy by together with a sandy brown armchair or perhaps a glass-topped table. A tall mirror will even add some depth to the room without adding color.


Living rooms are a place to relax, converse, and relish in the comforts of home. With a palette of soothing neutrals and abundant texture, these spaces exude timeless elegance. At the Lake Forest Showhouse in Illinois, designer Gail Plechaty was inspired by formal French salons to create a beautiful living room that is dressy without apology. As a fine example of elegant symmetry, a grand presentation of botanical prints hangs between soaring windows dressed in luxurious silk panels.

Rooms with neutral colors

Neutral Living Room Decorating Ideas

Neutral Living Room Decorating Ideas

Remember if you prefer a room to use well balanced neutral colors. i.e. colors like black, white or gray, you may also use brown as some designers consider it neutral. However, by combining black and white you can aquire a modern and striking simultaneously.


Textured wallpaper can add a pinch of elegance to your beige living room décor without altering the existing interiors. A perfect choice for modern interiors, textured wallpaper can liven up the entire appeal of your otherwise natural looking living room. You can easily create an accent wall by covering it in attractive wallpaper instead of choosing to paint it; this also adds a feeling of warmth and cosiness to your living area.