Modern Victorian Decorating Ideas

We have the classic collection of all the features of a victorian style home which looks elegant and classy. The whole design is complex and attractive for anybody to resist the temptation of owning it.

One of the most intricate and inviting interior home decorating styles, Victorian decorating gives your home a nostalgic, traditional

Modern Victorian Decorating

Modern Victorian Decorating

and classy look that is sure to turn lots of heads. Victorian home decor reflects the style and elegance of the Victorian era, which refers back to the period of Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901). The Victorian times is known for elegant clothing, jewelry, fabrics, home décor, timeless furniture designs along with other decorative arts. If you are planning to provide your home interior a new makeover in Victorian style, it can be done easily by opting for the Victorian style furniture, fabrics and other decorative things. Let’s take a look at some contemporary Victorian decorating ideas to decorate your home in Victorian style.

Modern Victorian style is pretty and romantic but never overwhelming, therefore it is very important to find balance.

Victorian Style

Victorian houses ranged from simple workers’ cottages to magnificent homes bursting with displays of wealth and opulence. The first step in planning Victorian decor inside a modern home is to determine how slavishly you want to adhere to the style. You can go all-out to reproduce a Victorian home complete with stuffed toys, hand-crafted antimacassars and an aspidistra in the window, or you might be satisfied with a few key architectural details like a dado/chair rail, and a slate or marble fireplace.


The most popular colors of the Victorian era include red, pink, dark green, purple, burgundy and mauve. You should use these colors while doing the walls. Among the highlights of the Victorian era home décor was the floral work. For walls, you can use wallpapers with the floral prints, preferably within the shades of red, blue and green. Use small floral motifs, because they will add hints of Victorian décor having a modern twist. For the windows, use draperies in Victorian colors and braided tiebacks. The material can be brocades or velvet. Choose rugs done in the oriental style with fine detailing.


Modern Victorian Decorating Ideas

Modern Victorian Decorating Ideas

Encaustic tile–small, patterned mosaic tiles–were often laid in hallways, through the front door all the way to the garden gate. Encaustic tile can be obtained today but is expensive. An alternative is to lay black and white checkerboard tile in hallways, kitchens and traffic areas. Victorians loved carpet and also the more highly patterned, the better. Choose floral or oriental designs with a faded look. If you prefer hard floors then have a few rugs scattered over dark, painted floorboards.


Victorian style furniture is the greatest way to add hints of Victorian elegance to your home interiors. Furniture in deep wooden finishes and carved at length are a great way to give your space a Victorian makeover. You can use appliqués for your existing furniture and then paint it. For that sofas and chairs upholstery, apply for velvet, embroidered fabrics and brocade. Don’t forget to use pillows in the same fabric and festooned with lace, ribbons or frills.


A modern Victorian room should really have long curtains (blinds and shutters don’t suit the appearance), but rather than heavy fabrics with many different embellishments stick with soft, elegant fabrics (for example silk) and keep the embellishments low. Avoid extra tassels and fringe.

Accessories and Accents

Choose your accessories wisely – they are able to really make the look. Consider things like gilt mirrors, crystal sconces and chandeliers, and pretty pillows. Again, just make sure not to overdo it. If you have a sizable chandelier you might want more subdued sconces.

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