Your guests and family members will not wish to leave once they visit this living room with lovely interior design done all across it.


Modern and bold and a comfortable space for living room is now becoming a growing need for most houses. Modern houses with contemporary décor make use of carpets and other furniture that is apt for a modern living room. Most modern living rooms use color sparingly for a stylish look. Well if you are planning to renovate your house and looking for some wonderful design ideas for your living room to make it look attractive.

interior decoration

interior decoration

Usually this room is at the entrance of the house and hence there are lots of activities inside this room. Hence it becomes necessary to decorate this room with style and finish such that it is not only comfortable for the family members & other people visiting  but also look fashionable & stylish to the eyes of the visitors. It’s make up should be such that you would like to spend your more and more time sitting in this room. Here are some living room design ideas that will enable you to get in touch with the style that you would like.

Living Room Design

The living room is usually allotted maximum area, going with the lines of Interior decorations. This might be because a living room is mid-way between your outer and internal rooms of the house. You could also employ the feng shui philosophy and steer clear of clutter. This will promote a sense of well-being. The overall simplicity from the living room interior design generally will create an enduring impression on the visitors mind.

Interactive Space

The most important aspect of a good living room interior design is to create an interactive space. The furniture placement should be such that it encourages conversation and sparks new stories. A well thought-of seating arrangement will make people feel at ease and want to dive right into conversations.

Focal Point

When the aim is a modern living room interior design, creating a dramatic focal point becomes crucial. This is the one thing that will draw out the eye instantly in the whole design. Let one feature of the room become the true star. This could be an accent wall that is painted a different colour or has pretty wallpaper, could be your designer curtains, or can also be a statement-making piece of furniture like vintage lounge chairs or a sleek console table in a unique design flanking a long wall.

Incorporate classical elements

The latest in living room design is to blend artistic decor and classical elements. This provides visual relief from all of the straight lines helping the space look more desirable. So keep your sofas in straight lines should you must, but make use of a classic crystal chandelier for that ceiling. Restore a classic trunk that you have and employ it like a side-table. You could also furnish a sizable number of stools in velvet for any classical look. Be sure you choose a contrasting color therefore the poufs stands out as an accent piece.


Living Room Interior Design

Living Room Interior Design

Showing Roman Decorative Column

Go into the elements of nature to experience a key role in old-world style interior. A stone fireplace or accent feature can offer a perfect focal point. Engrossed in wood or stone tile floors complete the feel of Tuscan. Add accessories and knick knacks that reference that old world of the past. Showing Roman decorative column could be a great choice.

Living Room Decor with polka dot wall stickers

Wall stickers are easy to apply, brighten any space instantly and are inexpensive. They are able to, however, peel the paint off the beaten track behind it whenever you attempt to remove them. Because of this, make sure you do your homework in advance to pick the right colors, sizes and site on the walls. Polka dot wall stickers could be bright and imaginative in hot colors, or they may be more cool and quiet. Discover the colors and sizes that work good for you to make a statement at any place in your home. The result is going to be stunning. They come in almost all colors and shades, some in multicolor and size sets, yet others individually, allowing for mixing and matching. Rely on them in any number of ways to embellish your home.