The owner of this warm kitchen design will feel comfortable when he finds all amenities in such a small space.

Modern Small Kitchen trends change fairly rapidly which post goes out to all individuals out there interested in finding some inspiration for a modern kitchen design. All of the arrangements in the pictures below possess a contemporary feel and fit great in modern houses or apartments. A few of the chairs and tables have interesting shapes which are perfectly integrated within the rest of the design.

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens area is usually the major and most important area of the home and the best kitchens are the ones that meet the particular needs of the owners. Good-quality, good-looking appliances will enhance any kitchen. Although kitchens are traditionally with large space modern kitchen designs offer great ideas for small kitchens.

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes were once applied simply to serve the purpose of protection from the wall opposite to a sink or perhaps a counter top behind the stove by continuing to keep away the dirt, oil, smoke, food stains and moisture off the beaten track. But today, it is easy to keep the wall behind the stove clean due to a lot of good cleaning materials invented over time. Now, it is just as easy to wash a bare wall like a wall with tiles. So, the primary purpose of backsplashes some years back is now outmoded. Now-a-days, kitchen backsplashes serve as an interior design factor accustomed to provide good visuals towards the boring kitchen design.


Backsplashes come in a number of different sizes. Most often, they comprise the whole length of the wall behind the stove although some backsplashes can also be stretched to comprise the area behind the sink. Vertically, they’re mostly placed only till halfway in the wall or can also comprise the whole portion of the wall. There is no solid rule about the area engrossed in tiles making the backsplash. So long a s you find it beautiful, it’ll serve the purpose. The size and positioning from the cabinets, the budget and the choices of the homemaker may also be the factors that decide how big the backsplash.

Modern Kitchen Interior Home Design

Modern Kitchen Interior Home Design


Backsplashes can be created from an abundant variety of materials as well as in a limitless number of designs. You’d find some backsplashes made from exactly the same tile that has been used for the counter of the kitchen, stretched along the entire wall having a single cut tile. This shows the limited imagination of both designer and the home owner who approved from it. A simple mosaic art created by some colorful bits of marble in contrasting and bright colors could easily give a visual feast to the kitchen.


Furniture inside a modern kitchen design should be multi-functional, simple in shape, and bold colored. Modern kitchen furniture won’t admit carved legs, multicolor dotted cushions, or seats made from a lot of parts. Modern trend obviously means full of directly line and never a lot of fuss.