Spanish-style homes range from stylish to simple with an appreciation for tradition.

Building a Spanish house Designs style brings an historic touch to any neighborhood. These homes are generally designed to be spacious and airy. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate in to your Spanish style home.

Dreams Homes Interior Design Luxury Spanish Style

Dreams Homes Interior Design Luxury Spanish Style

Spanish Style Home Design may also contain many arches on windows and porches. Arched windows are sometimes made of stained glass and have iron or wooden grilles that create a rustic look. The tiled eat-in kitchen and family room combination has got the same rough wood beams.

Design Spanish Style Homes

  • Types

There are diverse stylistic approaches to Spanish decor. The colonial look features bold furnishings with hand-crafted details along with a lush garden area. The hacienda look integrates antiques and distressed finishes for an old-world charm. Spanish modern style has an urban edge, expressed with modular furniture, bold graphics on textiles and abstract artwork.

  • Features

Most Spanish decoration centers upon natural materials. Solid wood furniture anchors rooms, while chunky metal handles and drawer pulls add a rustic, artisan look. Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms often contain large shelves and cabinets with hidden storage, as well as open display areas composed of multiple niches. Accessories that blend form and function–such as handcrafted ceramics, textiles and metalwork–lend a vintage Spanish look.

  • Palette

The Spanish palette veers away from pastels and jewel tones in favor of rustic, earthy hues accented by bold and moody colors. Walls inside a buttery yellow or mottled antique whites and browns provide a neutral backdrop for an accent wall in pumpkin orange or perhaps an armoire in indigo. Terra-cotta tiles or unfinished wood on floors typifies colonial and hacienda styles, while a modern day Spanish home may have rugs, mats, lighter tiles or polished wood flooring.

  • Effects

A Spanish-style decor creates a welcoming atmosphere. Emphasize the Spanish passion for cooking and eating by accessorizing the dining room, living room and kitchen with foodstuffs. Fill the kitchen with wooden display shelves supported with wrought iron bars. You should use these shelves to hold bottles of wine, jars of olives, decanters of essential olive oil, spices and metal buckets full of bunches of herbs. In the dining room, a glass bowl full of limes and lemons adds a pop of color while, within the living room, a view of a window box herb garden or perhaps a painted pitcher holding lemonade makes guests feel welcome.