There are a variety of carpet tiles that you can choose to install in your house. This article will introduce you with the various carpet tiles that you can use for your stairs.

Carpet tiles offer the convenience and easy installation of tiles with the comfort and luxury of carpeting. They consist of pre-cut squares that can easily be installed on almost any type of surface. For homeowners who want to install carpet on stairs without the help of a contractor, carpet tiles may be the perfect solution. Take the time to install these tiles on your stairs correctly to maximize the chance for a successful, attractive, and safe installation.

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Stair Carpet Tiles Types and Sizes

How to Install Carpet Tiles on Stairs

How to Install Carpet Tiles on Stairs

These easy to install carpet tiles can be used a wall to wall room coverage, area rug or as runners for hallways and walkways. You are able to install these tiles directly within the existing tiles or linoleum floors. These tiles can be removed easily for cleaning purposes and could be replaced with new adhesive disks.

You’ll find many styles and colors of tiles that match your home decor and color. You may also mix different designs and make up a pattern of your own. The sizes of carpet tiles vary based on the manufacturer. You may find 18 by 20 and 24 by 24 size square tiles. You can buy carpet tiles in a group of 3 to 15 and even choose individuals with a pre-cut adhesive packing. You need to ensure, you are buying a stair carpet tile and never the regular carpet tile. You are able to differentiate between the two as the regular carpet tiles are larger in dimensions and rubber is used within the stair carpet tile, instead of adhesive backing around the regular one.

There are many patterns available in carpet tiles. You can choose from geometric shapes to floral patterns. You get plain tiles in pastel colors that match you interior paint. However, be sure you buy all your tiles in the same lot. This is because tiles from various lots may have slight difference that may be visible to some extent after you lay them in your stairs. Thus, giving an uneven appearance for your beautiful staircase.

Installation of Carpet Tiles for Stairs

The carpet tiles are relatively easy to set up and have a strong backing. Thus, they might require no underlay or adhesive and there’s less waste produced in case of unsymmetrical shaped rooms, as compared to other flooring types. Because the carpet tile installation is comparatively easy, you can lay them yourself and save lots of bucks which you would have needed in the case of professional installation. If you damage or break even one tile, it’s not going to pose much of a problem, as possible just replace it with other tiles for stairs. Thus, it’s a very cost-effective solution of installing carpet tiles for the rooms.

Carpet Tiles on Stairs

Carpet Tiles on Stairs

Before you begin carpet tile installation, measure the length and width of the individual stairs carefully. The length measures should be divided using the length of one tile. The amount of tiles should be rounded off and away to the nearest whole number. The width from the stair should be measured and divided using the width of one tile. Again, round from the answer to the nearest whole number. The space and breadth you calculated, ought to be multiplied to each other. This will give the answer to number of tiles required for each stair. Then, determine the tile direction and be sure that all tiles run within the same direction. You can use a chalk to organize out the layout of the carpet tiles.

Apply double-sided carpet tape towards the corners of the carpet square or pull the tabs on the adhesive strips which are present on some carpet tiles. Spread the adhesive evenly around the stairs, as uneven adhesive lead to bumpy stairs. Lay the first carpet tile in place and be sure it is placed in a well aligned manner. Be sure you look for arrows printed at the back of the tiles. Many manufactures print these arrows that will help you lay the tiles within the correct direction.