Diwali is the best time to express your creativity by adorning your home with decorative rangolis, puja thalis, and handcrafted items. The ideas shared here will help you give an elegant look to your home with a range of bright and beautiful Diwali decorations.

Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Light, so the first thing to do when you decorate your home for Diwali is to put a focus on lighting it up. Use bright, bold colors and produce new and fresh items into your the place to find brighten every corner in preparation to celebrate this holiday and welcome guests to your house. Whether you use traditional decorations or put your own modern spin onto it, brightness is the name from the game when decorating for Diwali.

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas:


It is said that drawing a rangoli at the main door entrance and Puja room entrance brings prosperity and good luck in the house. So draw a nice rangoli with colourful chalk powder or flowers. Make sure you lighten the rangoli up with diyas.


If you are already using diyas to illuminate your doors and windows, its do not to overcrowd a place with lots of diyas and candles. Utilize aroma candles and exquisite candle holders and select from a variety of contemporary deigns. You can have an assortment of diyas and candles, but make sure not to use starkingly different looks( a mixture of traditional and modern, that’s), or overcrowd the place.


Light defines Diwali and by being a little creative while placing them, you can change the entire appearance of your home. Opt for earthen diyas, hand painted in bright colors, for your windows and niches.

Home Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Home Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Seashell Candles

Keep in mind every one of those seashells you have been gathering from your treks to Goa, it is an ideal opportunity to put them to some lovely use with these candles. For the instructional exercise head over to the Domestic Diva incarnated Martha Stewart.


People also make different sorts of designs with the help of a number of materials. The normal trend is of using powder colour. There are many artisans who also create various designs with water colour and natural colours. The people from some cultures prefer to have design with the help of flowers also.