Home Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is the time for spring-cleaning of the house and to give it a fresh and bright new look with fancy decorations. Every year on Diwali people give a fresh coat of paint to their house and decorate it with something traditional yet trendy.

Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Light, so the first thing to do when you decorate your home for Diwali is to put a focus on lighting it up. Use bright, bold colors and produce new and fresh items into your the place to find brighten every corner in preparation to celebrate this holiday and welcome guests to your house. Whether you use traditional decorations or put your own modern spin onto it, brightness is the name from the game when decorating for Diwali.

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas:


Rangolis are colourful geometric patterns drawn on the floor to welcome Lakshmi Mata or even the Goddess of Wealth. The designs are generally made with colored sawdust, chalk, flour or rice-grain. Drawing Rangoli patterns in front of the the courtyards or the entrance of the home on religious occassions is an extremely old custom in India. Lots of creativity and hard work is active in the making of Rangoli designs. This Diwali, you are able to help your mom by looking into making some Rangoli patterns yourself.

All you need to do is, take a handful of rice grains and soak them in different colors overnight; dry in sun the following day. Next, draw any design you prefer with wet chalk and simply fill it with the colored rice. Simple designs like swastika, feet of Goddess Lakshmi or image of Lord Ganesha not only look beautiful but they are very auspicious. The beauty of your Rangoli can further be enhanced if you place a traditional Diwali diya in the middle of your design and lightweight it.


If you are already using diyas to illuminate your doors and windows, its do not to overcrowd a place with lots of diyas and candles. Utilize aroma candles and exquisite candle holders and select from a variety of contemporary deigns. You can have an assortment of diyas and candles, but make sure not to use starkingly different looks( a mixture of traditional and modern, that’s), or overcrowd the place.

Diyas And Flowers

You can use existing brass and copper handis (miniature cauldrons) which are brightly polished as a corner decoration inside your bedroom, living room, at the base of a staircase or even in the pooja room.

Simply fill these with water, toss in flower petals and float a tea-light or diya in the heart of each pot when dusk falls: a fantastic option to artificial light that gives a soft glow to your house and enchants guests too!

Sprinkle in certain silver or gold dust available in vials to jazz up the floating flowers, if you want against a backdrop of the brocade sari piece mounted on the wall or made into a window screen, for added ethnic charm.

Home Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Home Decorating Ideas for Diwali

Furniture Decor and Interior

Even if you’re not interested in buying new furniture just put your furniture differently. This will give complete change to your home. Surf on net for Diwali pictures and you’ll get lot of ideas to decorating your home.

Electric Lamps

While candles and diyas have a special place in the list of decorative items for Diwali, electric lamps also have gained popularity. Brighten up your rooms with the use of decorative chandeliers. Make use of lanterns for that backyard or lobby. You may hang string of colorful led lights in the entrance way. Lamps come in various shapes and sizes. Buy a number of these to brighten up your home this Diwali.


Toran or door hangings are just like a prelude to a book; it gives you an idea of what is about to come. So choose it carefully, to complement with your interior decor. Torans, usually made from fresh flowers and Mango leaves, now also come with beads, mirrors and fabric. Door hangings adorned with bells or mirror look great.

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