Front porch is an important element in a small house. It connects the outdoor and indoor. It is also extend the living space to your home.

Front Porch Ideas For Small Houses Having a small house deals with easy maintenance. That is why some people tend to choose this kind of home style. If you are dealing with small house decoration, of course the front porch must be a hard decorating job. However, you do not have to worry about that. In this chance, we would like to inspire you with front porch designs ideas for small houses.

front porch designs ideas for small houses

front porch designs ideas for small houses

Your front porch is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home. Is your front porch making a good first impression? Follow these five design ideas to spruce up your front porch designs and make it the welcoming spot it should be.

5 Small Front Porch Design Ideas

Simple porch design

Super simple porch design idea will be the best recommendation. Here, you do not have to deal with more porch accessories. Just choose a furniture set. Then, remove the application of accessories. If you deal with limited space, this must be a good recommendation of front porch ideas for small houses.

Door Decor

Make sure to dress up your brightly painted front door with a wreath or other decorative piece. This will make it the focal point of the porch. Consider buying a few wreaths that go with the season and switch it out a few times a year. If a wreath really isn’t your thing you could add a permanent door knocker in place of a wreath.Your front porch may be small but that doesn’t mean it can’t look great. With a little bit of work you can give your porch a whole new look. Use the tips above to create a welcoming entrance for your guests.

Fresh Paint

Putting a fresh coat of high gloss paint on your front door is one sure way to bring new life to your front porch designs. Consider using a brighter color than you’ve used in the past. Make sure that it compliments the rest of the colors on your house but it doesn’t need to match your shutters and trim. The fact that it is a different color than any part of the outside of your house will make it stand out.

front porch designs ideas

front porch designs ideas

Architectural interest

Give your uncovered porch some dimension by adding a pergola. pergola kits are readily available at the big box home improvement stores. In fact, we recently purchased one and will be adding it to the front of the storage shed for exactly this reason to add architectural interest.

Add charm

This homeowner’s front porch went from drab to fab by painting the front door and changing the light fixture, adding a rug, a welcoming chalkboard and bench and numerous plants. Click on the link below the photo to see the before. It’s quite the transformation. This home basically has no front porch at all, but that didn’t prevent this homeowner from creating a front entry that oozes with charm.