Kids' bedrooms are a terrific place for playing around with paint color. Children love to have bright, bold and uniquely colored rooms.

Select the paint colors offer gender-friendly wall options for children’s rooms. When it’s necessary for siblings of the opposite sex to share a bedroom or play area, you can please them both by painting the walls with colors that aren’t distinctly associated with males or females. You have numerous unisex color options to create a variety of moods from quiet and soothing to loud and energizing. Pick out paint colors to suit your kids’ personalities and individual preferences.

paint colors for childrens room

paint colors for childrens room

The right choice in paint colors for kids rooms will ensure making the baby feel comfortable and also enhance its sleep and development. Often, energetic and warmer shades are avoided in nurseries since one wants the baby to feel relaxed and sleepy rather than energetic. However, experts recommend using the right combination of energetic and soothing colors in order to achieve a harmonious décor for the overall development of the child.

6 Paint Colors for kids room

Blue and Green color

Even though specific shades of blue are typically considered the official baby boy color, there are blue paint hues that don’t scream “boy room.” Avoid powder blues, dark blues or primary blues, as they tend to suggest traditional boy wall colors. Instead, opt for warm blues from the teal and turquoise families as unisex paint options for your children’s rooms. A variety of green tones provides a suitable paint color for both genders. Because boys tend to like cooler greens that have a bluish tint and girls lean toward warmer greens with a yellow cast, choose a green tone with a light tint, such as lime green, to make them both happy.

Classic Colors

Even for kids, you can never go wrong by painting the room in classic colors. Neutral colors like white or beige can be a perfect background for many decoration styles and themes. These colors are a beautiful option for a romantic and chic nursery. At the same time, they can work perfectly for older kids that wish to have a more sober room decoration, like bohemian or shabby chic, beautiful for teen girls.

Purple color

Often associated with royalty, purple is ambitious and self-assured. It’s also the color of passion, creativity, wisdom and spirituality. This deep and emotive color is great for inspiring sensitivity and compassion in children. But if your child is particularly sensitive, you may want to keep this color limited to accents.

purple color for kids room

purple color for kids room

Active colors

These include energetic colors like reds and pinks. Not only can these be used entirely as paint colors for kids rooms, one can also use them as accents or as bases for objects (wall art and frames etc) in the child’s room.

Cool colors

Some of us associate cool colors with sterile, hospital-like environments, but lighter cool colors can have a calming effect on children. Plus, many of these colors help small spaces seem a little bit more open. Try layering in shades of cream for some softness and contrast, and consider comfortable and cuddly textiles for warmth.

Nautical Colors

On the other hand, a nautical theme is amazing for a boy’s room. In this case wall painting is also a very important element to create this theme. Typical colors are blue and white, often with a striped pattern. Navy blue could be used for one wall or for stripes, with the rest of the walls painted white. Although this theme also accepts some other color accents, such as yellow and red, this can be done through decoration elements, while keeping the walls simple with those two traditional colors. Some related wall art or decals are a great addition to these navy and white walls.