Aquariums are available in numerous designs, sizes and widths. Today an aquarium can become the best alternative decoration to beautify the home interior.

Are you looking for some fish tank décor ideas? If yes then you have reached the right post. I have a number of useful ideas to decorate a fish tank. Decorating a fish tank is a fun filled activity as well as a necessity because a fish tank is not only a home for fish but also a decorative element of your room. I have also a fish tank in my room and I have decorated it beautifully using unique and different items. I just want to share these ideas with you people so that you can also have a beautiful fish tank in your interiors.

Decorating Your Fish Tank With Beautiful Design Ideas

Decorating Your Fish Tank With Beautiful Design Ideas


Here are some fish tank decoration theme

  • Natural theme

Natural theme is most popular fish tank decoration ideas. What you need is stone, wood, gravel and plants. Goal of this theme is creating natural look for fish tank. You have option whether you will use real material or fake material like fake plant. Using of fake plant from plastic usually to reduce maintenance and anticipate algae growth. But for real natural habitat, better if you use living plants, to give real environment for fishes. Of course, it has consequence in maintenance and regularly cleaning up.

  • Pirate story theme

Ever see movies about pirate? Robber at ocean? Great as inspiration to decorate aquarium. On the bottom aquarium, above gravel and sand, put pirate ship, treasure box and several pirates holding sword, complete with their costume. You can get these accessories at aquarium store. Generally they are made from resin. Ensure these accessories use fish friendly paint. As we know, dangerous chemical from paint can kill fish.

Here are some tips for decorating your fish tank

Stones and wood items

To create a natural looking fish tank, you can use stones and wood items but it will require some extra efforts and judgment. Found rocks and wood should not be used as they can contain germs and parasites which may kill your fish. Instead of it, purchase wood pieces and tank stones. You can also place tank stones over regular gravel  to add depth and give a more natural look.

Underwater Castle

This classic fixture adds mystery to glass aquariums, and it gives fish some extra hiding spaces. Different styles, sizes and colors allow you to get creative. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can select a simple structure or a multistory castle with towers and drawbridges.

Nautical Accents

If you live near a beach, hit the shore and collect some colorful shells to use as aquarium decorations. You can also buy an inexpensive bag of shells from the store. They’ll give your tank a coastal appeal, and the fish will enjoy swimming in and around them.