Decorating ideas the bedroom in a romantic manner can work as a gateway in improving their love life.

If you know how to decorate your bedroom for a romantic night. The romantic night for the couple should be a memorable moment. You have to make the bedroom comfortable, sexy and enchanting. You can use the sexy colors like red, purple, magenta or even pink. The high quality linen should be selected to make the couple comfortable
spending their nighttime at the bed. The romantic night does not occur every day. Therefore, you need to create an opportunity to have a wonderful night by making the bedroom special and unique.

Creating a spicy room can be fun and simple as changing your light fixtures, choosing warm lighting, altering your wall paint by getting bold, exotic wallpapers. Adding romance to your bedroom is a sweet idea. Either you share your bedroom with someone or not you could always choose to add a romantic flair to your most private spaces without a sweat. From dark and sensual to comfortable and tranquil the romantic designs for Bedroom.

decorate a bedroom for a romantic night

decorate a bedroom for a romantic night

Romantic Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

Comfortable Bedding Set

Remove the bedding set with a new one. You can choose the high quality bedding set made of linen, silk or even satin. Both of you will love to cuddle under the comforter all night long if the bedding set is superb. It is okay to buy a new one if you want to maximize the quality of sleeping. Find out ways to arrange a queen
bed inside a small bedroom.

Color It Romantic

A romantic bedroom can’t be garishly decorated. Use subtle and soft colors, pastels and pales. Ice-cream color scheme (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) is timeless and always romantic. Walls shouldn’t be very bright to overpower the space. The same can be said about bedcovers.

Flowers and heart

Marriage is the joining of two hearts so why not represent it in the decoration of the room. It is best to keep the decoration simple as most of the girls do not want too much overwhelmed decoration and the simple heart made out of flowers on the bed will give really subtle love statement.


Lighting is a key element in setting up the right mood. It is advised not to use bright lights in bedrooms as these lights fail to create warmth in the environment. Always use dim lights as they make you and your partner relaxed and comfortable. An easy and cost effective way is to install dimmer switches. You can also use colorful lighting to create an intimate feeling. These are relatively inexpensive and can be used to decorate the bedroom. Colorful black and red lights are commonly used to build up a soothing and relaxed environment.

decorate a bedroom for a romantic night

decorate a bedroom for a romantic night


Candles can also give an intimate touch to the room, that it why it is advisable that you distribute these through the room (near lose to curtains or beds) and light them minutes before. These never fail in decoration to create a romantic evening. Make an original candle holder to give the room a more personal touch.The mirror in the room is also somewhat sensual and erotic, so if you a have one temporarily place it strategically to create an intimate atmosphere and increase fantasies with your partner.

Special linens

Add special linens to the room. Silk linens are especially romantic, with a soft feel and touch. Satin linens are a luxurious touch for a romantic room and priced within reach for most people. Crisp cotton linens also work well in a romantic room. Choose cotton sheets and pillowcases with lace detailed edging and trim.  Add a cashmere soft blanket for a beautiful counterpoint to crisp cotton.

Look at the Stars

What’s more exquisite than a night spent under the stars? Nothing, right? If you can install a skylight in your bedroom, more power to you snuggle with your significant other in the glow of the Big Dipper. But you don’t have to rip a hole in your ceiling just to enjoy some starlight together. One of the top decorating ideas for bedrooms is to affix artwork to the ceiling, whether it’s carefully applied star decals or a projector that allows you to watch your favorite romantic comedy from bed.