The most important element in this room is the color. Wall colors give a beautiful and amazing effect to your living room.

Living room designs and ideas are anchored by its colour scheme. The right use of colours and its combinations dictates the success of the decoration and styling. Sometimes, you can do away with decors and only need colours. The colour scheme contributes a lot to the first impression of your living room, and of your entire home.

You can begin by selecting a style (formal or casual) in addition to a theme for your room like traditional or techno modern and so forth. Having a clear idea of the theme and elegance can make the whole task of deciding on the color scheme easier.

Colour Themes For Your Living Room

Colour Themes For Your Living Room

Blue Color theme

You can choose blue color paint to provide your room a cool and refreshing look. An impression of blue color paint with white color will bring in an amazing atmosphere. Turquoise theme with contemporary living room design would equal to your lovely environment.

Neutral Color theme

Neutral color paint is extensively used in the various living room designs. You can better display your artwork, wall paintings and any type of wall décor on neutral color scheme in an effective way. You can mix any color paint with the neutral color scheme to offer your living room a sophisticated look.

Brown Color theme

Brown color provides a classic look to a room. You are able to paint your room with shades of brown with tint of white or cream paint to produce a pleasant look altogether.

Yellow Color theme

Yellow color offers a welcoming look to the living room. When you apply yellow color paint in the living room, then it will give a haunting look to the interior theme. You can also apply yellow paint color in poorly lit foyers or dark hallways.

White and Grey Color theme

If you want to provide your living room a sophisticated look then you can choose a neutral color theme. White cream or lighter shades of gray are a few of the shades which are commonly used for decorating living room. You are able to paint the walls with combination of white and grey color and can display an artwork or perhaps a painting on any wall allow it a sophisticated look.

Green Color theme

Green color is easily the most amazing color to go ahead with. This color will impart a distinctive freshness in your living room. The living room is really a place to relax and hang out with this color you can develop the same relaxing and pleasant environment. Always employ light shades of green color to enable them to reflect a comfortable feeling. You may also make great combinations. Try using yellow or white color with green color paint.