Christmas Decorations: A Guide to creating and decorating the perfect Christmas tree.

Christmas tree season is here, and we can help you tackle every step, from cutting down a fresh spruce to topping off the tree. Christmas trees, brought from the mountain and hillsides, were of all sizes, from two feet high to a majestic height that could graze the lofty ceilings in the decorated homes of the wealthy. the best parts of Christmas is decorating the tree. Growing up, my mother was very meticulous about how the family tree would be trimmed and we soon learned the “proper” way to do this task; garland first, small ornaments at the top, larger near the bottom, the tinsel last.

Pick a Theme

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and Guides

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and Guides

Begin by selecting a suitable Christmas tree theme. For example, is there a particular color that you would like to focus on? Choosing silver for the main color for your lights and ornaments can lend some lovely style for your tree. Or do you want to do an old-fashioned type of Christmas tree with bows , strings of popcorn, and cranberry garlands as well as wooden toys.

Consider your lights

The light selection has gotten really intensive over the years with many forms, shapes and colors. Before buying fancy bulb sets make sure you are ready for the hassle of finding their replacement bulbs. Small basic lights are often the best choice for many people but others may like the old fashioned look of big lights or figure

Pick a color scheme

Sticking to one color scheme will make your tree look cohesive and complete. Keep in mind that you might want to choose something that doesn’t clash with the room the tree is in, and that you might have to concede some space for childhood or heirloom ornaments that clash with the rest of the tree. That said, here are some popular
color schemes you could try.

Adding Ornaments Christmas tree decoration ideas

Put your favorite ornaments in the most prominent positions around the Christmas tree. Once that is done, then hang your bigger ornaments and space them uniformly around your Christmas tree. You can fill in the unadorned spaces by adding some medium and small ornaments. To produce a nice look, you can consider placing a few of your favorite ornaments in the actual middle of the Christmas tree. This results in a little extra depth and in addition it helps to make your tree look more interesting.