Color is very important in children’s world. The right choice in paint colors for kids rooms will ensure making the baby feel comfortable and also enhance its sleep and development.

A kid’s room has to be bright and cheerful. Color forms the most striking and compelling element in any setting. Hence, while decorating a kid’s room, color schemes have to be taken into consideration to stimulate your child’s creativity in his/her growing years. The tradition of decorating a girls’ room in pink and boy’s room in blue is fast fading away, with other colors overshadowing the conservative themes. People have now become adventurous and are experimenting with new shades. Choosing the right color scheme can convert your kid’s ordinary room into one of the most beautiful and exciting places to live in. While selecting colors, the mood and the atmosphere you want to create in the room should be kept in mind. For decorating a boy’s bedroom, use bright and shiny color shades to incorporate a vernal color scheme. While for a girl’s room, you can opt for pink or lilac color shades. Read through the following lines to know the different Color schemes for your children’s room.

Kids Room Paint Colors

Kids Room Paint Colors

Go for White

Another superb idea to paint your kid’s room is to paint the entire room white. White gives you a great opportunity to add colorful accessories and bedding pieces to s pice up things. You can throw in colorful cushions, mats, bedcovers and paintings to make the colors pop out against the white. This is also a great way to add/change colors according to the growing age of the child rather than being stuck with one color for a long period of time.

Green Room

Green water bottle green, green is a color full of variations for the nursery. Rather clear a delicate atmosphere, green a little darker can also provide a nice retro look for the boys & a mix with blue, as here the bed linen.

Blue Sky

A perfect blue sky is an interesting concept that can be implemented for painting a kids’ room. The blue color has a calming effect on the mind. Painting the room with clouds, a rainbow and birds would create a pleasant atmosphere in a kids’ room; it is one of the best ways to paint a kid’s room.


Designing a kids’ room with planets of the solar system is a good idea. Any new idea or concept being introduced to children acts as a trigger for a ‘chain reaction’; it means the kids tend to ask a lot of questions related to new things they see. It can be termed as the process of encouraging them to think and guiding them to learn new things.

Go for Pastels

Pastels too seem to work really well in the bedroom of kids and are colors which no one ever gets bored of. They look good both in winters and summers and one can match them up with very contrasting shades to create a balanced looking room.

Yellow colors

Bright color par excellence, the yellow shines in the children’s room. It is often difficult to get into painting and choose the right shade; decorative accessories and bed linen are a good way to sprinkle a little yellow in his room.

Orange colors

Quite unexpected in a room, the color orange does wonders especially among girls. Alternative to pink, it creates a soft and flowery. We love to combine red and liberty prints to accentuate its light side and spring.

Red colors kids room

Red colors kids room

Red colors

Red is a color that has the potential to be either all wrong or all right in a kids’ room. If the red is too bright, the room can be overwhelming and even a little bit scary for the child. But a darker red offset with printed fabrics like we see here can be a rich, warm and welcoming color. Make sure to have lots of toys and fun things in a darker room like this to keep the mood of your Child’s room light.

Softer colors

Softer colors are best when it comes to rooms where babies are going to be sleeping. Here is an example of soft coloring for a room that is great for people who don’t want to go with pastels. The shades of paint and furniture here are light and pleasant and soothing.