Here are the best tips from expert designers and color psychologists to choose the right office paint color

Choosing the best color scheme for an office isn’t easy. Whether you’re the president of a major corporation, managing a small business or independently work out of your house, paint color can have an effect on you and your employees’ mood. Not only do you want to create a professional and well-designed color scheme, you want to instill a soothing atmosphere that drives people to perform their best.

best paint colors for your office

best paint colors for your office

The effects of particular office paint colors on routine office jobs like typing, proofreading, answering the phone, filing etc. Experiments have also been conducted to see the impact of chosen office color ideas on worker well-being, productivity, performance and satisfaction. The objective of all these studies is to find the best office paint colors and schemes that can enhance worker wellbeing and performance especially inside confined office spaces. Each study has shown a correlation between the mood of the workers and the chosen office color ideas.

Exact paint color ideas for office


True to its price in jewelry, gold symbolizes luxury and elegance at a workplace. Most workplaces may use gold around seats of senior members as gold also reflects wisdom and experience.


Red is a very stimulating color. It is the color for professionals who are always on the go. If you need your employees to be productive while doing something extremely detail oriented, paint the walls red. Red also helps employees perform better in tasks that are physically demanding or require them to be assertive. Professionals working on building and construction could find this color very motivating. Red should not be used in highly stressful workspaces, as its stimulating presence adds to the stressful environment.


Seldom used in big office spaces, yellow is thought as an informal color. However, those that work from home could benefit from a yellow wall or accent as it prompts intellect and energy.

Blue and Gray

Blue, gray and white go well together which can be seen in this photo. Although I don’t think it’s completely done in the photo above, it gives a good indication of how blue can add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone color scheme.

best paint colors for your office

best paint colors for your office


White is also a popular wall color in offices because it is light, neutral and makes any room seem more spacious. White generally symbolizes cleanliness and sterility, so it is a popular color in hospitals and medical centers. Due to its light and spacious nature it is also a good color choice for hallways, small rooms and production areas. In case of white wall outside of hospitals and medical facilities, it is recommended that you add an accent color or two to avoid creating a sterile or intimidating impression.

Burnt Red

Burnt Red For everyone who strive to attain a sensual and dynamic ambiance in the home office, this is the perfect shade. The burn red is a synonym for passionate, sensual and dynamic ambiance. The excessive energy that comes from the dashingly vibrant burnt red shade is smartly eased down with the white home office furniture.

Ultra Marine Blue

Ultra marine blue is a perfect paint color for creating a refreshing and vibrant ambiance in the home office. The blue paint color will surely improve the aesthetics of the home office and fill the place with vibrant and lively ambiance.